Welcome to the Queen's Commerce Society!

Welcome to the Queen’s Commerce Society (ComSoc), the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate business society in the country. Completely student-run, ComSoc strives to support the experience of Commerce students, and represents their interests to the wider Queen’s community and provide opportunities for professional and personal development. With over 750 unique positions available to students, I am not exaggerating when I say that there is something out there for everyone. Take a look through the site to learn more about ComSoc, and how you can be involved in it.

Ana Lopez- ComSoc President

Student Resources

AMS Representatives

The AMS representatives, in conjunction with the Commerce Society Executive, represent Commerce Students and their concerns at the AMS Assembly.

Advisory Board

The Commerce Society Advisory Board is responsible for the long-term outlook and success of the Society. With the ComSoc Executive, the Board manages new committee ratifications, internal reviews, and publishes the yearly Strategic Outlook.


The ombudsperson is an impartial body of the
Commerce Society who serves the individual student. If you have questions about how to get involved in the society or need assistance in finding a support service, the Obuddy can provide confidential and empathetic advice.

Human Resources

Have a concern about your success in the interview process? The HRO is the go-to person for support related to ComSoc hiring grievances.

Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting students by building an inclusive environment within and around ComSoc. Contact the DIO if you have ideas for initiatives, or
for help connecting to LGBTQ/cultural minority communities on campus.

Academic Support

If you are a student who has inquiries or concerns regarding any academic matter, please contact the Academics Commissioner.


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