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To enhance the Queen’s Commerce experience by representing student INTERESTS, inspiring LEADERSHIP, and empowering students to pursue their PASSIONS.

Established in 1967, the Queen’s Commerce Society, or ComSoc for short, is a member of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) at Queen’s University. With over 18 world class conferences and 33 committees, we are the largest

and most successful business student government in Canada. Run entirely by Commerce Students enrolled at the Queen’s School of Business, ComSoc is composed of:

• Elective Executives

• Assembly members (appointed and elected)

• Commissioners & deputy commissioners (appointed)

• Chairs and Co-chairs of Comsoc committees (appointed)

• Student numbers of the Queen’s Commerce Society


To be the most respected and innovative faculty society, while providing opportunities that enable all students to realize their FULL POTENTIAL.

Members of the Queen’s Commerce Society (all Commerce students) elect the selected members of Assembly. Appointed members are hired based on their skills, talents, and abilities to fulfill and go beyond their duties.

The Queen’s Commerce Society plays a major role in the life of a Commerce Student, from supporting recruiting and networking opportunities with companies, to enriching the time and experience of students through unparalleled social events.

ComSoc has four internal commissions, with each commission and its committees focused on an aspect of the student experience within the business school. ComSoc’s external committees and organizations focus on externally arranged activities such as business conferences and competitions. The elected executives act as a voice to Commerce Students,providing support and representation within the general assembly.

providing support and representation within the general assembly.


Past Executives

Vice-President (Internal)


Vice-President (External)

2000-01 Gregory Butler Helen McEvoy Nancy Hoo
2001-02 Pat Legressey Stephan Smith Jeanine Tan
2002-03 Angie Chan Stephen Menon Derek Verhelst
2003-04 Janice Jugoon Louis Plamondon Yola Bornik
2004-05 Grant Douglas Jack Weisz Greg Barker
2005-06 Jonathan Edge Krista Hapke Victor Chan
2006-07 Claire Marchant Julia Takach Amanda Chan
2007-08 Amy Bergenwall David Waugh Eddie Ho
2008-09 Cam MacNeil Matthew Price Clarisse Lau
2009-10 Louis Tsilivis Spenser Heard Brooke Harvey
2010-11 Nick Milinkovich Katie Shotbolt Stephie Fung
2011-12 Kathryn Wizinsky Kelsey Paterson Robert Hoy
2012-13 Daniel Farewell Nicola Plummer David Koke
2013-14 Ashton Menuz Tyler Hennick Charlie Prussky
2014-15 Betty Lu Kyle Beaudry Dipesh Mistry
2015-16 Vasanth Ranganathan Ana Lopez Caroline Hayes