; QMA: Marketing Squads Tie the Knot

QMA: Marketing Squads Tie the Knot

Have you heard through the grapevine that marketing forces QMAC and QMAA have merged? You’ve heard correctly. On November 29th, 2015, the Queen’s Marketing Association (QMA) was ratified at the ComSoc Special General Assembly, where all Commerce students were invited to vote on the motion. As the current Co-Chairs of QMAA and QMAC, we’d like to share with you the rationale behind the merger, and what the future of the QMA will look like.

Current Situation: An Overlap in Value

As two organizations serving the marketing community internally at Queen’s and externally in Canada, there was a significant overlap in the QMAC and QMAA mission statements. Both committees have delivered marketing education, and recruitment opportunities for students. QMAA does so in the form of workshop, firm visits, networking opportunities and publications; QMAC delivers value in the form of a conference and other educational touchpoints, which act as a forum to bridge the gap between industry and students.

From the perspective of external parties that are not deeply integrated into the Commerce Society, QMAC and QMAA look very similar; corporate partners often confuse our organizations. The main difference between QMAC and QMAA in the eyes of the marketing industry is the price tag associated with participating in an event. Since QMAA is an internal association, corporate partners are charged $0 (at a max of $100 and swag) to run an event. At QMAC, an identical event is priced at $4000, to support the significant costs associated with running a conference. As QMAA has grown, there’s been yearly evidence of sponsors making the QMAA vs QMAC comparison, intensifying the erosion of sponsorship relationships from both parties.

What is the QMA?

The overlap in event offerings and value proposition means that today’s QMAA and QMAC constantly deal with issues related to internal brand confusion and value dilution for the student body and the external erosion of sponsorship relationships. When our two organizations experimented with collaboration this past year, we saw cost savings, happy sponsors, and full-house events.

The merger expands on this winning strategy to combine the strongest parts of QMAA and QMAC by eliminating inefficiencies, and connecting Canadian marketing students with unprecedented marketing opportunities. The QMA will be the governing body that executes a nation-wide conference (QMAC), case challenge, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. We’re bringing together what both associations do best under one powerhouse brand.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Will the new executive be huge? Not at all. QMA will be a lean, mean machine (yes, this means some serious commitment, similar to the levels of excellence that both QMAC and QMAA work towards every day). Two Co-Chairs and a Senior Director will be hired to run the team of 25 proposed positions. We’ve ensured that all positions required to execute the QMAC conference (speakers, sponsors, logistics, delegates), internal events for the Queen’s community (workshops, special events), and all portfolios supporting both pillars (finance, marketing director, content manager, chief marketing technologist, two publications coordinators, and alumni & mentorship) are accounted for. The executive structure was created based on a schedule of events, which consolidates all events already made available to aspiring marketers. Similar to any other executive, the QMA exec will be comprised of the best people. The “best” could be returning QMAC exec members, returning QMAA exec members, or any other student in Queen’s Commerce.


Did this revolutionary opportunity catch your attention? Keep your eyes out for the executive hiring in late January and the official QMA kickoff in late March!

Have any questions? Feel free to give Emma Armstrong (QMAC Co-Chair), Claire Levitt (QMAC Co-Chair), Shingly Lee (QMAA Co-Chair), or Miranda Wang (Co-Chair) a shout!

Emma Armstrong, QMAC Co-Chair: emma.armstrong@qmac.ca

Claire Levitt, QMAC Co-Chair: claire.levitt@qmac.ca

Shingly Lee, QMAA Co-Chair: shingly.lee@queensu.ca

Miranda Wang, QMAA Co-Chair: miranda.wang@queensu.ca


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