; ComSoc Executive | Queen's Commerce Society

Now when three people love and believe in the society and want to bring about positive change, they get together and form a team for the ComSoc executive election. We came together out of mutual respect and admiration for the amazing aspects of the Commerce experience. You are the delegates, the executives, the leaders of the society, and the lifeblood of the Commerce program. We, as an executive, will support you in what is most important to you - your academic success, access to external opportunities and support for the committees that affect and engage you. We invite you to explore ComSoc’s resources and opportunities. Feel free to ask us questions, give us feedback, and send us cat videos. We are always available via our emails or by popping by our office in Goodes. This is your society, and we want you to get involved in it.

Filip Susic

Emlyn Folkes

Taryn Mason