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Logo (Flat Version)Queen’s Accounting Association is an internal committee that acts as the liaison between students and recruiters from a variety of accounting firms including Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC and various CPA Training Offices. Our events offer students the opportunity to create lifelong connections with industry professionals while developing their soft skills in a hands-on environment. We aim to guide students who are interested in an accounting career through the recruiting process by offering application and interview tips, information on required accounting pre-requisites, and a chance to connect with older students who have succeeded in obtaining summer internship positions. QAA opens doors to immeasurable opportunities and is your source for everything accounting.

THOMAS MARSHALL    |  thomas.marshall@queensaccounting.ca
JUNE PAK   |  june.pak@queensaccounting.ca


logo_baskerville_v2The Queen’s Business Review (QBR) is a print and digital publication managed by a group of undergraduate students from Queen’s University. Bringing their unique perspective to a range of issues, our writers produce engaging and thoughtful content that captures the attention of readers far beyond the campus where the publication is based. Inside QBR, you will find articles on topics including business strategy, finance, policy, economics, technology, and marketing, as well as exclusive interviews with industry executives and Queen’s alumni. In addition to editorial talent, our team includes students who lead the artistic and graphical elements of production, as well as those who manage the sales and sponsorship, IT, and linguistic functions. Current and past members have attained summer and full-time placements at a diverse set of selective institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, CPP Investment Board, McKinsey & Company, Unilever, and Colgate, among others.

JONATHAN CLAXTON    |   jonathan.claxton@queensu.ca
DUNCAN O'DONNELL   |   duncan.odonnell@queensu.ca



Queen’s Commerce Law Association (QCLA) is the first ComSoc-ratified association dedicated to educating business students about law. We foster interest and promote non-traditional career paths beyond the typical avenues of finance, consulting, marketing, and accounting. QCLA also acts as a bridge for students through facilitating connections with the Canadian legal community.

Through an engaging series of speakers and interactive workshops on topics ranging from criminal, corporate, M&A, environmental, labour and entertainment law, QCLA provides an opportunity for students to get a glimpse of what it would be like as a professional in the legal industry. Not only do we provide educational resources and guidance for those interested in law school and legal careers, but we also work to expose all Commerce students to the far-reaching impacts of law and legal processes on virtually all aspects of business.

SAMANTHA LO    |   12sl74@queensu.ca
ERIK DE LORENZI    |   de.lorenzi.erik@queensu.ca


QCTC LogoThe Queen’s Commerce Trading Competition is a six month trading competition perfect for any student with an interest in the capital markets and the sales and trading industry. Whether you are inexperienced with thefinancial markets or a veteran trader, QCTC is a great place to try out some new investing strategies or skills. At the end of the year over $2500 in prizes are given out, with a grand prize of $1000 to the top trader. In addition, prizes for the best buy and hold, option play and many others are given out. QCTC also holds numerous interactive events including a stock pitch competition, tutorials, bi-weekly market commentaries, and speaker events. The QCTC Gala is the final event at the end of March which recognizes competition winners and provides excellent networking opportunities.

SCOTT BOGDEN    |  scott.bogden@queensu.ca
WILL HACKNEY    |  12wah@queensu.ca



The Queen’s Consulting Association connects the brightest students from all faculties to companies in the consulting industry and was recognized by the Commerce Society as the Internal Association of the Year in 2015. It serves as the catalyst for aspiring consultants and presents opportunities for students in the form of industry visits, guides, case preparation sessions and more.

Founded in 2011 as part of the Commerce Society, the Queen’s Consulting Association’s goal is to offer its members the highest quality resources, training, networking and recruiting opportunities so that they can reach and expand their potential. Today, Queen’s Consulting Association alumni are in some of the top management consulting firms around the world.

JARED MURPHY    |   11jm134@queensu.ca
MIGUEL GENTILE    |   11mag18@queensu.ca



QGM LogoQueen’s Global Markets (QGM) is an undergraduate economic think-tank dedicated to the advancement of economic and public policy knowledge. Teams are organized into six regions: Canada & USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and China. Each team publishes reports and presentations on their region, which are available through the QGM website (qgm.ca). In addition, QGM hosts weekly seminars featuring insight and analysis based on these works. We welcome the public to take part in our dialogue. Since being ratified under the Commerce Society in 2012, QGM has become known for the unique role it plays in the Queen’s Commerce community. It is the only student organization in the Queen’s School of Business that is solely dedicated to the advancement of economic and public policy knowledge. QGM hires broadly across all years in commerce to establish a stellar cast of high-performing and analytical thinkers.

DAVID WILSON    |   11dbw6@queensu.ca
ALEXANDER CARBONE   |   alexander.carbone@queensu.ca


The Queen’s Human Resources Association was created to establish Human Resources as a viable career path at Queen’s. It facilitates on-campus recruiting with top firms, provides informative speakers, offers events to enhance related skills, and provides career-oriented opportunities to assist students in achieving their goals. With the Talent Decade rapidly approaching, it is becoming increasingly important for top firms to employ high-level strategic thinkers as their Human Resources managers. The role of Human Resources managers is no longer simply handling payroll and benefits, but is also maintaining compliance with legal and employment regulations, and employing best practices for hiring and retention. Our goal as an association is to connect high level Human Resources passionate students with top tier firms looking to acquire the best possible talent.

TARYN IRVINE    |   12tni@queensu.ca
MAGGIE MCMAHON   |   maggie.mcmahon@queensu.ca



Since 2013, the Queen’s Marketing and Advertising Association (QMAA) has been dedicated to inspiring and educating creative-minded Queen’s students who like to think outside the box.

QMAA helps over 200 student members explore different career opportunities in the marketing and advertising industries through various fun, interactive events throughout the year. Whether it be through our recruiting events, guest speakers, workshops, or mentorship program - we have a reputation for hooking students up with the right resources and connections that help them stand out in the recruiting process.

SHINGlY LEE    |   11sysl1@queensu.ca
MIRANDA  WANG   |   miranda.wang@queensu.ca


QRA (2)The Queen’s Real Estate Association is an industry association that introduces and promotes real estate career opportunities for students within the Queen’s School of Business. QRA hosts value driven events that allow Queen’s students to interact and gain a comprehensive perspective on the various aspects of the industry. These events include both informative speakers and recruiting sessions with Canada’s top real estate firms.

WILL HACKNEY    |   12wah@queensu.ca
RYAN ROBERTSON   |   ryan.robertson@queensu.ca